Crafting Human Perception is an interactive textile wearable soft sculpture that explores new ways of extending the natural bandwidth of human perception. The artwork rethinks the traditional relationship between bodies and hand crafted textile surfaces, enhancing common functionalities through sensors and electronic augmentation.

The panels function in fact as second ʻenhancedʼ skins that sense the vibrations produced by our hands while stroking, squeezing, moving, touching or scratching the surface. An embedded electronic circuit amplifies such haptic vibrations in real time, playing them back in our own ears. Through this process the static textile surfaces evolve into interactive membranes whose three-dimensional motifs encourage sensory exploration. As a result, while engaging with the installation, the visitors enter an immersive sound and tactile environment created by their own interaction with the crafted fabric.

These textile artifacts can be thought of as entities of indefinite nature, relational objects with latent interactive and transformative potential. Their boundaries are continuously negotiated and re-defined by human sensory exploration. The resulting multi-sensory experience creates an intimate sensual dynamics and a cognitive feedback loop between the internal perceptive systems of touch and hearing. This sensory connection allows active participants to enhance their self-awareness, kinaesthetic perception and haptics.

Crafting Human Perception has been presented at the “Digital Futures” event at the Sackler Centre, Victoria & Albert Museum,  the Watermans Centre, (Brentford), and the “Digital Encounters exhibition” at UCA Rochester.

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