‘Addicted to Discovery’ ┬áis the first round of summer courses organised by the Department of Biology and Chemistry at City University of Honk Kong to engage first year students in scientific research. Lectures during the academic year can be quite un-engaging, frontal and abstract; the aim of this project was to encourage students to observe and explore, actively ask questions and design solutions, question the known and aim for a discovery!

Divided in 4 groups, each team was asked to find a research question they were willing to investigate for the duration of the project. An interdisciplinary team of Biologists, Engineers and Designer were involved as support team, to help the groups in refining their observation, problem solving and research skills. Taking advantage of the state-of-the-art Discovery Lab facilities, we would meet every week with all groups to challenge their ideas, design and set-up their experiments with accuracy, find materials, get in touch with members of faculty within the University, and plan ahead.

With no limitation to imagination, the 4 groups engaged in varied topics : Wi-fi Signal effect on seed germination and growth, Venus Flytrap  insect capture method and digestion, Cancer cells and Drosophila Larvae life cycle under coloured neon light.


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