Carbon Positive aims to demonstrate how microfluidics research and design thinking can be brought together to engineer sustainable solutions to global challenges.

The interdisciplinary team led by Francesca and Dr. Regina Luttge is supported by the Microsystems Group at Technical University of Eindhoven.

The team is investigating the development of a microfluidic device that absorbs environmental CO2 particles from the environment and binds them in safe material form. The process aims to mimic natural biomineralisation processes used for the creation of calcite-based shells by marine mollusks and land snails. The device aims to maximise efficiency of the bio-chemical process for sustainable carbon sequestration applications, inspired by circular systems.

The team aims to develop an energy-efficient, self-propelled device that exploits capillary forces and gravity to power and run itself, without the need of external energy inputs.

The project has been selected as finalist for the Bio Art & Design Award 2016 (selection ongoing).

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