Code&Create@Corelli / 2014

The aim of the Corelli College Code & Create project was to provide year 9 students with the knowledge and skills necessary to design their first interactive project and realise it over a 16 weeks period.

The project was roughly split in two phased: in the initial phase the weekly sessions were mainly aimed at providing the pupils with basic knowledge and skills in electronics, circuit design, interpreting schematics, simple coding for Arduino and Lilypad and an initial understanding of breadboard prototyping. Whereas this initial phase was directed to the whole group, the second phase provided tailored support to each student, based on the specific needs and challenges faced in the process of turning their individual initial project ideas into feasible solutions and finalised projects.

The 8 groups realised a variety of prototypes ranging from stuffed animals able to produce sounds when stroked or light up in absence of light;  carillon boxes with hidden spinning ballerinas and music, calculators, vibrating glow-in-the-dark play mats for toddlers, interactive xylophones and much more!

Watch this space for pictures of the finished prototypes!

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