Interface: membrane or screen, the place where contact between two entities occurs.

Alan Kay, 1972

Generative quilt is an interactive installation exploring the potential ‘physicality’ of digital interfaces through active participation. The stretchy textile interface serves as a membrane between the two worlds, where the physical touch and gestures of the participants create generative digital visuals.

The artwork is inspired by traditional quilting techniques, whose rituals and decorative patterns are re-interpreted in the digital medium. The ‘fabrication’ of the iconic quilt becomes generative and the geometric patterns created by each interaction are patchworks resulting from unique gestural interventions.

The multi-faceted mesh created in Max Msp receives values via bluetooth from a wii remote controller embedded in the fabric, and footage from a camera that records the visitors interaction. The wii is used to detect motion on the surface and the x, y and z values are used to rotate the pattern and change the number of facets of the meshes. A variety of textures are applied to each mesh, re-mixed with the camera stream to generate colourful patterns. Sound is sampled in response to the deformation produced by the gesture. When the wiimote values stabilise, the screen returns to the auto-coloured mesh, emptied of the textures and video effects.

Visit the blog of the project to learn more abut the making-of.



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