‘Craft conversations’ is an open series of weekly hands-on meetings that explored the intersection of traditional and innovative crafts and materials. The project started as a collaboration with Mr Wong, Master of the traditional ‘faa pai’ craft. During these weekly meetings craft was used as a practical language to communicate and learn more from each other’s cultural and artistic background.

Choosing each week a different material and manipulation technique to experiment with, we aimed to engage more people in the process of making.

Sessions List:

Conversation 1 : Community Art and Craft Heritage

Conversation 2 : Mini Faa Pai

Conversation 3 : Modular Structures

Conversation 4 : Folding

Conversation 5 : Planning ahead

Conversation 6 : Melt & Solidify

Conversation 7 : Bamboooo

Conversation 8 : Soft Sewable Electronics

Conversation 9 : DIY paper

Conversation 10 : Food Electronics

Please visit the project page.

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